Downloading from USAA FSB CC and Navy Federal Credit Union Accounts.

johnodrake Member ✭✭✭✭

For several days now, downloading transaction data from USAA Visa and Navy Federal Credit union accounts have been hit or miss. I don't know why or I would fix it myself. NFCU will manually download (but be careful you don't include prior downloads in the date range or the reconciled transactions will show up as new.) USAA will only export to CSV.

Quicken R51.12


  • Quicken Jasmine

    Hello @johnodrake,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue.

    Before I can further assist you, I require some more information. What is your connection method with USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union? You can see the connection method by navigating to Tools > Account List. When did you first notice this issue? After a recent update? If so, which update? Do you receive any other error codes or messages? What exactly occurs when attempting to download transactions?

    I look forward to your response.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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