Feature Request: Budget Transactions & Budget Report

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Budget Transactions

  1. Many of us use wide computer monitors. Quicken's budget layout does not take advantage of the available screen real estate. I would like the option to display applicable transactions next to any category I choose (possible implementation: plus symbol next to the category). Currently, if I want to see the category's respective transactions, Quicken opens up another window on the screen. This is a cleaner implementation.
  2. For non-widescreen monitors (laptop), the feature could display the transactions in line with the categories. If a user clicks the assigned button (possible implementation: plus symbol next to the category), then the Budget categories below will drop further creating space and the applicable transactions can be shown below the category. This is a cleaner implementation than a separate pop-up window.


The is not a "Budget" Report. If Quicken were to implement the feature described above, a user could design the layout he/she wants (i.e. expand the desired categories), and then generate a layout (Landscape orientation if transactions to the side, portrait if in-line). Quicken would automatically space the categories appropriately to ensure categories and respective transactions stay on the same page.


If you are like me, you are the sole quicken user for your family. You log, categorize, and track all the finances. This feature request is an easy way for a user to tweak a budget layout, highlight desired categories of interest (show the transactions), and then easily publish a good-looking budget report. I would love to be able to email my spouse a budget report once a week!


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