Optionally sum first numeric values in Report's memo fields

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For reports, particularly Spending | Itemized Categories, provide an option which would sum the first numeric values found in the memo field. For example, I record how many gallons of gas but there is no easy method to then add up how much gas I have bought over periods of time. If Quicken could detect the first numeric value in each Memo field (first 0-9 character to last 0-9 character in the Memo text sequence, less periods or commas) and pass those to a summing routing it would be useful. I am sure other Quicken users might do something similar (kg of rice; bottles of beer; pounds of propane, Charitable/business/medical miles, foreign currency values, frequent flyer miles).

Exporting a report to Excel and massaging the spreadsheet is doable but unnecessary and cumbersome.

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    Export the account to Excel and do your math there. Not worth the effort to do in Q.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    To avoid other info that is often in the Memo field, you might want to use the Notes field for this. You can make this visible in your register and print or export it by using the Banking Transaction report, AKA Register report.

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