how do I select multiple transactions to delete

Nancy G
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how do I select multiple transactions in the register to delete.

I used to create a transaction report, then select multiple transactions and delete them. I forgot how to select multiple transaction in the transaction report.


  • Tom Young
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    It's the typical "Windows" selection process:

    Click on the first item to highlight it, move down to the last item to be deleted and press {Shift } and while holding that key down click on the last item to be deleted. Everything in between will be selected.

    Or, if the items to be deleted are not sequential, do {Ctrl)-Click on individual items.

  • q_lurker
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    Not all reports allow that selection process. Investment Transactions report does not; Banking Transactions Report does. The Banking Transactions report can be customized to include investment accounts.

  • Nancy G
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    Thanks, that's why I couldn't do it, I remember there was a way to do if you change the account type, i will let you know.

  • Jim_Harman
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    To be clear, you don't change the account type or account intent.

    You go to Reports > Banking > Transaction to open the Banking Transaction report. Click on the gear at the top right to customize the report. On the Accounts tab, select the account(s) you want to include.

    Then in the report, you can select multiple transactions with Shift-click and Ctrl-click. Review your selections and right-click on them then select Delete transactions to delete them all.

    There is no Undo; you should always back up your data file before doing any bulk operations.

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  • Nancy G
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    Thanks, Yes that works.

  • Ps56k2
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    just wanted to add a comment -

    - thanks to the forum for this old topic - which I had re-opened - to add my Search comment for any future readers…

    Wanted to go thru my Register and DELETE some transactions entered via Calendar/Reminder,
    that were entered as Monthly with a zero amount….. but now are going to be a Yearly Reminder.
    My brain said - do a Search for the Category and then Delete all that are displayed…. NOPE -
    It would appear that using the Search is only for a Find & Replace - there is no Find & Delete capability.

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