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I am a bookkeeper of 35 years I have had nothing but problems with both the windows and Mac versions of all the new QuickBooks. I want to go back to Quicken for my clients but everything I'm reading says this as well is auto everything. I do not want my clients information auto downloading nor do I need it to auto anything. I want to have the controls I used to have in entering and reconciling accounts, along with A/R, A/P. I really like some of the features in reports but can turning sync off truly keep my clients information from being downloaded. I know the CPA's I work with also refuse to auto or online anything this is becoming a true problem. We just want software that works and doesn't require clients info to go across any Cloud platforms. Can someone help the old-schoolers out?


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    You can still use Quicken manually. If you aren't going to download or use online services you can use an older version. Do you still have your old program? What year/version? I'm staying on Quicken 2013. By the way, You can't convert QuickBooks data to Quicken so you will have to start over.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    We're in the minority, but there are Quicken users like me who don't download transactions and enter everything manually. 😀 It works well, for anyone willing to spend the time entering the transactions. And you'll have none of the complications or problems when financial institutions change their websites, security, protocols, etc.

    I want to have the controls I used to have in entering and reconciling accounts, along with A/R, A/P.

    You're likely aware of this, but I should note that Quicken is designed as personal finance software rather than true accounting software, so there are not the level of controls you'd have in accounting software. For instance, there is no "posting" of transactions, and users can edit or delete past transactions rather than entering new adjusting entries.

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    There is nothing in Quicken that requires downloads from financial institutions to be automatically downloaded. That is only an optional feature that you will need to set up before it can be done.

    In fact, there is nothing in Quicken that requires one to download anything from financial institutions at all. One can always instead manually enter all of the transactions if that is what they want to do.

    Regarding Cloud Accounts: Since 2014 every Quicken data file will have a Cloud Account.

    Unless one uses online services, the Cloud Account is mostly for things like validation of license, verifying subscription status, determining if a new version is available for updating the software, etc. But it is thought that there is no financial data saved in the Cloud Account provided online services are not used.

    But if you will be using online services it becomes more complicated.

    • Using the Express Web Connect or Express Web Connect+ connection methods for downloading: Financial institutions, account numbers, account logins and financial balances and transactions will be saved for at least a period of time in the Cloud Account (on Intuit's and/or Quicken's servers).
    • Using Direct Connect connection method for downloading: It is thought that no data is saved in the Cloud Account because, as the name implies, data is downloaded directly from the financial institution into Quicken. But questions have been raised about whether or not that data passes through (not saved on) the Intuit/Quicken servers.
    • Using Web Connect connection method for downloading: This is a process in which one logs into the online account, manually downloads the financial data/transactions from there in a QFX file and then manually imports that file into Quicken. No financial data is saved in the Cloud Account because it entirely bypasses Intuit's and Quicken's servers.

    A couple of caveats about this:

    • Although there are these different download methods available, every financial institution decides which of them they will support. Some will support all 3 of them but most will support only 1 or 2 of them. You are pretty much at the "mercy" of the financial institutions regarding this matter.
    • If you will use Quicken Mobile (allows you to view a subset of the data in your Quicken data file on a smart phone) or Quicken on the Web (allows you to view a subset of the data in your Quicken data file in a browser) a significant amount of the financial information in that Quicken data file will be saved in the Cloud Account.

    As mentioned by @jacobs above, if you need an actual business accounting software, especially if your customers are S-corps or LLCs, then perhaps Quicken is not the best solution for you. If that is the case, QuickBooks or some other business accounting software might be better suited for your needs. To help you make a good determination on this matter I suggest, if you have not already done so, review the product information at:

    If you have more questions you can contact Quicken Support via Phone or Chat: https://www.quicken.com/support#contact-support .

    Or you can simply place an order for Quicken and try it out. If within 30 days of your purchase you determine it will not meet your needs or you simply do not like it you can request a full refund with no questions asked. So, it is really a risk-free opportunity.

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    As others have stated, Quicken is not an accounting software package and except for the most simple cash-basis business (vs accrual), it is not an appropriate substitute for QB or other accounting software. It is not a double-entry accounting software, has no audit trail, and lacks most of the features that make QB and similar packages what they are.

    I've used both for over 30 years, and have zero problems with QB for Window or QB for Mac, so it is hard to fathom a 35 year user having any problems. My issues with QB are that (1) QB Online is NOT the same as QB desktop and most importantly has no backup/restore capability so I would never use it, and (2) QB has moved to a subscription model which costs a fortune annually, especially if you do payroll [note: there is no payroll for Quicken]. Because you say "all new Quickbooks" - you must be referring to QB online - because QB desktop for Windows or Mac has not changed at all… only improved (other than subscription).

    PS. CPA's who work with QB clients are accustomed to getting an Accountant Copy - which allows them to adjust the books while the client keeps working. QB Online has something similar. There is nothing like this for Quicken. If the CPA needs the data file… then the client can do nothing until the file is returned.

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  • indemeetplnr

    Can I move QB over to Quicken? Can I have multiple organization use the same Quicken account?

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    Quicken is designed as a personal financial record keeping tool - not an accounting system. And it can’t read or import your QB data. It is a single user system..

    Given all that, share with us what your situation is and how you envision using Quicken.

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    You, as a single user, can have multiple different Quicken data files for different entities. If you're the bookkeeper for more than one organization, you can use Quicken for the different organizations. But Quicken is not multi-user; you can't have people in different organizations using your Quicken license. It's not designed to move a Quicken data file between different computers (it can be done, with proper precautionary steps), and you definitely can't have multiple people with access to the same data file at the same time.

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