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Normally, if a transaction is entered accidentally assigning an amount back into the same account (e.g. a transaction in Account A is assigned the category Account A), a warning is given, confirming that this is intended. However, when transactions from bank & credit card downloads are downloaded and assigned using the Accept All feature, transactions are sometimes assigned into the same account with no warning given. This results in the accounts being out of balance.

Is there any solution to this?



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    My solution would be to not use the Accept all button, but to review and if necessary correct each transaction before accepting it.

    For transactions like a credit card payment that is a transfer from your checking account to the credit card account, set up Reminders, set the correct amount in the reminder, and accept the Reminder before the transactions are downloaded. I have never seen Quicken mess up a transfer when the corresponding transactions are already in the registers.

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    If Quicken is assigning a square bracketed category back to the same account during a download, it is generally due to a Memorized Payee.

    Check to confirm that you do not have any such Memorized Payees (Tools menu).

    Also, @Jim_Harman's advice on never doing an Accept All should be heeded. Quicken can not be trusted to run on "auto-pilot". It requires the user's full attention when accepting transactions, otherwise it devolves into garbage in-garbage out.

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