Issue with Quicken Downloads to Chase Accounts

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Hello, I have 3 Chase accounts. 2 personal, one business. Quicken update keeps coming back with the need to fix one or all of the accounts by reloading the account(s). So I follow directions, quicken presents chase login. I go through the 3 steps. only 2 accounts come through for Chase since the other is a business requiring (by Chase) a separate login. So when quicken comes back, it finds the two existing accounts, and links them offering to "not readd account" (since they exist). I cannot change that. then it says all is good. however, next time i try to download, same error exists. Same result if i click on the ("do not enter" error sign to the left of the account. Yes, I did this during regular weekly banking hours.

so there is some issue apparently between quicken and chase that i do not understand.

any help would be welcomed. any steps? what did I miss that the directions for rectifying the situation Did not address?


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    "Quicken update keeps coming back with the need to fix one or all of the accounts by reloading the account(s)"

    I don't understand "reloading the account(s)." Do you mean to say that Quicken says you need to re-authorize them for downloading at Chase?

    "So when quicken comes back, it finds the two existing accounts, and links them offering to "not readd account" (since they exist). So when quicken comes back, it finds the two existing accounts, and links them offering to "not readd account" (since they exist)."

    I don't remember Quicken saying "not re-add them" but I guess I don't need to because Quicken automatically Links them?

    "I cannot change that. then it says all is good."

    Why would you want to change that, assuming that the correct account at Chase is linked to the correct Account in Quicken. Or is that not the case?

    "however, next time i try to download, same error exists."

    I'm guessing that the "same error" is Quicken saying you need to reload or reauthorize the Accounts?

    Can you post a link to the directions you're referring to?

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    Not reauthorize. it says to readd the account which i wrote as reload. there is no link to post. there is no reason it doesn't work except for the issue where a software flag has not been reset. Everything else says successful.

    oh and resetting each account or deactivating the accounts, provides the same issues. this is obviously a software issue behind the seens buy only when dealing with chase which is an issue.

    The software views all chase together business and personal which is not the way chase views that as they require a separate login for business.

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    the entire issue is with quicken only seeing all chase accounts as 1 login. So, it will find two of the 3, disable the business one which is under a separate login, rather than leaving it all alone. the are ALL AUTHORIZED individually, successfully, but quicken cannot handle the reality that chase requires separate logins for business and personal. this is a quicken issue through and through

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    This might be some problem with mixing personal accounts with business accounts. I don't have any business accounts to verify one way or another. I do have my accounts and my wife's, and as you say Quicken seems to treat them as one "login". Or more accurately there will be only one line for it on the One Setup Update and Quicken will request/get the data all at once. The protocol used doesn't use your username and password, so it is entirely possible to do it in one pass instead of one per website login. Example:

    "Chase" is for the non-investment accounts and "Chase Investments - New" is for the investment accounts. In the case of "Chase" they were all setup under my username (joint accounts). But the investment accounts have only one joint account and two each IRA accounts per username.

    BTW at times I have seen individual listings like Chase - myusername when I had problems and readded some accounts. General fix on that to get them back to just two is deactivate all the accounts, and then reactivate them together (but in two different logins, one after the other). And I might add that I had to add only the non-investment accounts first even though the investment accounts show up on Chase, and then add the investment accounts as a separate activation making sure I'm using "Chase Investments - New".

    Since we share all the non-investment accounts, it is those under my username first, then my investment accounts, and then hers.

    Another thing that seems to popup is that Quicken if you don't deactivate a given account, Quicken will "guess" at the "link to" and it gets that wrong a lot of times. You have to be very sure that it is in fact linking to the right online account.

    Given that our two different "Chase accounts" with different logins work, I think your problem has to be more in what Chase thinks should be done "by one person/data file".

    But I don't see any other people reporting this and you would think that there are at least some other people in the same situation, so I don't know what to make of it.

    This is my website:
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    thanks.. i will try that

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    Hello all.

    as suspected this is ENTIRELY a quicken software issue. To Remedy. Deactivate all online updates on each account. Edit the "EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS" Re-enter your full Credit card number in the space provided. if you see "…3143" (3143 being your last 4 numbers of the account (and this is a made-up number for this post)) make sure you re-enter the number manually, no spaces. Next "SET UP ONLINE" for each account SEPARATELY (even if multiple accounts share a login/password) Ignore all the irrelevant quicken messages about accounts not being valid. Quicken was not adequately tested for the situation of one company however multiple logins required.

    That should permanently resolve any download issues you have.


    P.S. BACK UP YOUR Quicken File to a flash drive or somewhere.

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