Is the Customer Service Number Hijacked?

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I called the Customer Service number 650-250-1900 and it seemed like a scam, rather than regular customer service.

The guy on the other end was taking my information, yet had no information of my account # or information from the Quicken website.

He kept asking questions like: "You are calling me, I am not calling you right?" Then once I would answer, "Yes" he would speak extremely fast saying some legal mumbo-jumbo.

Then he asked what my full name was, my mailing address, and then each time, after I would give him information, he would say some more fast-speaking legal stuff. It seemed very bizarre and not on target. I simply wanted to cancel a subscription that I duplicated, but he kept asking for more personal information, and not attending to why I called.

If this is legit, Quicken please! What are you thinking? This is awful customer service and totally comes across as a scam. He had not interest in my actual reason for calling, only trying to get my personal information and my credit card information. Which I did not give him. I ended the call, because I was no longer comfortable sharing information since he apparently couldn't see my account and look up the information on the back end.

WHAT IS THE REAL Customer Service phone number? Or what is the EMAIL Address I can use to cancel my duplicate subscription?


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    Here is a link to Customer Support.

    Scroll down to get to the Chat and Phone info (links).

    Try Chat first and see if they can help.

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    I'm not defending the Quicken Support representative you spoke to, since I obviously wasn't on your call, but I wanted to note that customer support at many companies I've called do start calls with wanting to gather customer information, like name, address, email, and phone number. It allows them to track customer complaints and to follow up if a customer call is cut off. If someone speaks quickly or says "some legal mumbo-jumbo", you should always stop them and say you don't understand what they just said and ask them to repeat it. Oftentimes it is "legal mumbo-jumbo" that they know most customers don't want to hear in detail, but it's certainly your right and your prerogative to ask them to slow down or speak more clearly so you understand what is being said and, especially, what you might be agreeing to.

    I don't understand why the representative would need to ask for your credit card number if you had not yet explained you were calling to cancel a subscription and seek a credit card refund.

    One the other hand, if you had said at the outset you were calling to cancel duplicate account, then it makes sense the representative might need to get all your information so he could try to find the two different subscriptions in their database in order to cancel the correct one without disrupting the one you want to keep.

    There is no email address for canceling a subscription. As suggested above, you could use chat support to do this, which can cut down on any confusion with language, accent, fast speech etc.

    Best wishes getting this resolved to your satisfaction shortly.

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    WHAT IS THE REAL Customer Service phone number?

    The number you called is the real Customer Support phone number.

    If you have a Premier or Home & Business subscription you are entitled to receiving faster support. Log into your online account and you will see a different phone number there to call. Calling that number will move you up in the queue so you won't need to wait as long to talk with someone.

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