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Since May 2022 Quicken users like me who have accounts at Citi bank with MFA have been unable to download transactions using Express Web Connect. It is almost a year and a half since this problem was first reported. Will Quicken and Citi ever fix this issue for their customers? There has been no update on this issue since January 2023.


  • Quicken Janean
    Quicken Janean Moderator admin

    Hi @erintell, We have a temporary workaround if you are receiving this error.

    1. Go to the Citi Bank Website. 

    2. Remove option "Enable 2 Step Authentication" 

    3. Attempt to add and link accounts again in Quicken

    4. On the Citi Bank website, Go to More settings and select "Add Access". 

    Please try these steps to see if this helps resolve the error. Thank you. 

    Quicken Janean

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  • erintell
    erintell Member ✭✭


    I appreciate your help. The point is I wanted to keep 2 step authentication, and for years I was able to download directly into Quicken for Windows. I followed your instructions, and what was odd is that Quicken only found one of my accounts when I connected to Citibank. My checking account, which the one I care about, was not listed. Can you help resolve this or do I need to call Citibank (let me know if you have a support phone number). Thank you.

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