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I almost got scammed – there was a popup on Quicken saying that my subscription had expired (on 9/15/23).   I had renewed it over the summer.   I googled Quicken support and got THIS number - [Removed - Scam Phone Number].   I told the fellow the issue, he said that I do have the software updated, but I also have to purchase DATA SERVICE for 3, 5 or 7 years (at $499.95, $699.95 or $999.95).  I told him that I sensed a scam and asked that he send me an email.  He said that I’d get an email in a few days, with an invoice that I could pay at that time; or I could pay it now.   I needed it right away because I’m working on a TODAY tax filing deadline, so I almost fell for it.   I hung up and found another Quicken number (650-250-1900) - the REAL one. The rep  talked me through to reset my log in – I had to sign out and then choose “sign in with a different ID”, after which I could sign in with MY OWN ID, and it would reset and see that my subscription is active.   The rep googled what i had searched, saw the same SCAM number and is going to have it investigated.


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    Hello @Bilsep2,

    Thank you for visiting the community and providing these details, though we apologize you experienced this.

    We request that you please email a copy of all details you have on this to so it can be forwarded to the proper channels and further investigated.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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