Quicken Duplicating accounts again

sycamore1234 Member ✭✭

I was updating my balances tonight and once again, many of my accounts are being duplicated. they show up along the left column of quicken for Mac but show zero balances. This is now the 3rd time this has happened to me. So frustrating. Maybe quicken needs to slow down on the updates and focus on making sure the updates they do make are error free. I've been a quicken user for a very long time but the errors and issues as of late are just getting to be too much.


  • sycamore1234

    Update - tonight I refreshed my balances and low and behold, the duplicate accounts that I changed to closed and hidden, are now unhidden and back in with the listing of all of my active accounts. What is going on Quicken?


  • Quicken Kristina

    Hello @sycamore1234,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. The account duplication issue is related to the sync error issue you mentioned in another discussion. We recommend that you contact Quicken Support directly for further assistance as they can walk you through troubleshooting steps in real-time and escalate the situation as needed.  The Quicken Support phone number can be found through this link here. Phone support is available from 5:00 am PT to 5:00 pm PT, Monday through Friday.

    I apologize that I could not be of more assistance!

    Quicken Kristina

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