Tulee (Farmers Federal Credit Union) not updating

RNeisser Member ✭✭

Since Sept 15, I've been unable to automatically update my Farmers Federal Credit Union accounts, as Quicken doesn't seem to connect to Tulee, the website. Here's a screenshot of what I'm getting.


  • Quicken Jasmine

    Hello @RNeisser,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community.

    Due to the nature of this error, we recommend contacting Quicken Support directly for further assistance as an escalation may be in order.

    The Quicken Support phone number can be found through this link here. Phone support is available from 5:00 a.m. PT to 5:00 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday.

    I apologize that we could not be of more assistance.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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