How are qualified divdends treated in the tax planner

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Just as SS payments are not reduced for the non taxable portion of income. How are qualified dividends taxed? Are they taxed in the system as regular income or at the reduced tax rate?


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    Unless you do something special when entering dividends, the Tax Planner treats all dividends as either fully taxable or tax free, depending on the security and the account where the dividends are entered.

    On the Tax Planner Interest/Dividends page, there is a line where you can enter the portion of your total taxable dividends that are Qualified, just as you would on the IRS form, and it applies the lower rate to that amount.

    I enter this a an estimated amount based on last year's qualified dividends. If you want to enter the qualified dividends as you receive them, you enter them as MiscInc with the _QualDivInc category.

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    I use Jim's Misc_inc method

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