Fidelity transactions not downloading (QWIN)

No transactions have downloaded since Sept 1. I run one step update daily. It runs completely with no error messages. All banking and credit card transactions download with no problems. Brokerage transaction from two other companies download as well. This is not just one account, between my husband and I we have 7 accounts at fidelity. There are transactions to be downloaded in 5 of them. We have been using quicken for years, and have not made any changes. I completely deactivated all accounts, and reconnected them, no change. I have read all the message boards, and tried every fix I can find, nothing helps.


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    I have been experiencing the same issue for several months with my Fidelity accounts. MY Quicken expires in several weeks and unless this gets fixed I don't plan on renewing in so much as I have to manually enter all updates.

  • Rod Clark
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    I just spoke with the credit card company. They are aware of the issue. The representative said that Quicken is working on a resolution but has not provided an ETA for the fix. Given the prolonged resolution of the JPMorgan download fix earlier this year, I am concerned this may not be promptly resolved.

  • Jim
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    Have the same problem with one Fidelity account. It downloads transactions for 2 other accounts. I have reset, deactivated all accounts. Only one will not download

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    Same here. One Fidelity userid, multiple 401Ks, rolled over to Fidelity IRA, some IRA account transactions download, some don't. (more specifically, 3 accounts total, 2 accounts work as expected, 1 account no new transactions download) Exactly as @Jim states: " I have reset, deactivated all accounts. Only one will not download"

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    I've noticed that something has changed in how Fidelity transaction are downloading. I've been using Quicken (QWIN) and Fidelity for decades. Recently (3-6 months?) I've noticed that when I trade options (been doing so since 2005) that trades on Friday are not available to download over the weekend (Sat or Sun) and now not even Monday. I can see them in Fidelity and when I called Fidelity, they said to check with Quicken because they said they didn't change how/when/if transaction are available to download. It's important for me to have them available for Sunday book keeping for Monday trading. Anyone else notice that transactions are now unavailable for downloading for multiple days now? I don't seem to have issues with equity purchases (available next day), seems to be options (called away, put to me, or expired).

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    I'm also having this problem since late Sept. Originally getting the 502-CC error message. I subsequently downloaded transactions to a QFX file and imported that. Today, I no longer get the 502-CC error. I get a panel asking how I want to receive the TFA code to signin, get the code, and then enter it. The download supposedly occurs and completes - but no new transactions are downloaded into the Quicken account. Is there a problem caused by having manually downloaded and imported transactions? If yes - how do I correct this problem?

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    To All: WHICH Fidelity? Fidelity Investments? Fidelity NetBenefits? Fidelity Credit Card (which is issue by and supported by Elan)?

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    I think I've been using Quicken since 2006 or earlier, more than 17 years. About September 21st, I had bought and installed a new subscription of Quicken Premier after an absence of almost 90 days. I updated my pre-existing installation of Quicken the same day. I attempted to do an update of my Fidelity investment account transactions right away, and got a visual indication of transactions being downloaded (in that green bar).

    However, there were no new transactions that showed up at all before 9/20. This meant there were more than 85 days of missing transactions.

    In the days that followed, I tried updating just the Fidelity investment account multiple times as well as doing the comprehensive update of all accounts. The only transaction that downloaded was on 9/20/23. The last one had been 6/22/23.

    I had been relying on Quicken being able to download the past 90 days of transactions from Fidelity, which had always been provided in the past. The inability to download any new transactions at all was a real shock to me (there had been many transactions in my Fidelity account, perhaps about 75 or more, due to many reinvested dividends that I receive). Although I contacted Quicken support, the staff I communicated with told me the only thing they could advise me to do would be for me to enter all of the missing transactions manually! That defeats a major reason why I had bought Quicken in the first place. (It's very, very time-consuming and cumbersome to enter reinvested dividends manually.)

    I used the only form I could find within Quicken on 9/28/2023 to report this problem, but this was for Bank downloads; there wasn't anything for Investment Account downloads. There was a statement there would be no response, however, and indeed, I did not receive one.

    The customer support staff I did communicated with about this problem did not show any recognition of what a major failure of Quicken this was. There was no recognition of the fact I'd been a customer for more than 15 years, certainly had been successful with downloading more than 60 days of transactions before, and had never experienced this unusual failure before. They did not even indicate whether there were ongoing efforts by the company to try to fix this. They also did not ask for a copy of any of the logs that Quicken generates, like the CustomerCentralError file (although I don't know if that in particular would help, it might still generate some clues).

    We had talked only about the Fidelity Investment download problem, nothing else. (There are other problems, too, like missing transactions with Citibank and Fidelity Credit Card transactions no longer downloading from Elan, both of which also have been reported to Quicken but not fixed.)

    However, after looking at this forum where other people have relayed similar problems with downloads from Fidelity Investments months ago (with no apparent resolution), it seems to me that the Quicken staff do need more input from customers to help figure out what might be going wrong and will hopefully relay this information above and below to their software programmers. I think that Quicken software personnel ought to reach out to customers having these problems to analyze what's going on so that these very severe problems can be resolved.

    1. Yesterday, I tried again to download more transactions from Fidelity Investments and noticed the following message:

    "You cannot reconcile or update the balance of a CMA-linked investment account, because its cash balance is always zero. To reconcile the cash balance, go to the linked bank account."

    This may be an indication of a severe bug as I had never even tried to do anything to elicit that message. From what I recall, that message started showing up several times after the 9/21/2023 installation of the latest version of the software.

    2. Other people have reported here that having a Net Benefit account might be associated with problems. I do also have a Net Benefit retirement account in Fidelity.

    a) I see an Unidentified Security a couple of times.

    b) Although some transactions during the past 90 days were downloaded to that retirement account (a 457b account), they don't look complete. Not all of the "c"s were present. There's also inconsistency about whether a blue dot is used for some downloaded transactions in other accounts whereas only "c" was used in this one.

    I really want to be able to use Quicken again but these problems are major yet have continued to persist months after they were first reported here. Intuit staff, PLEASE fix these problems as soon as possible.

    After much thought, I realized the 30-day trial of this version of Quicken was not at all satisfactory for me. I filled out the form on Intuit requesting a refund within the 30 day trial period. I very much hope these problems WILL get fixed so that I can use a Quicken subscription again. I'd be happy to share more information like logs and photos if contacted by Intuit staff but I'm not sure which logs to upload.

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    Some time in September Quicken stopped downloading my fidelity account information - both NetBenefits (401k) and (brokerage account). No error messages, just no updates. Has anyone heard anything from Quicken about all these current problems? would not let me reset brokerage account because I have not accepted downloaded transactions (there are none per quicken file) Deleted brokerage account and recreated it - connection to Fidelity in process spinning endlessly

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    Update to earlier post. Fidelity downloads all transactions to all accounts on my desktop with Windows 7, It quit downloading transactions to one account on laptop with windows 10. Both have Quicken 2018

  • SquawkTalker
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    I spent a couple hours on the phone/chat with Quicken…..turns out your best best is to create a copy of your existing file (as new), none of the connectivity elements will be brought forward. I had to recreate each one [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]. Beat having to recreate each account from scratch. Once I re-started downloading data and reconnecting accounts, I noticed data that I hadn't seen before. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

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    For the past couple of weeks I've been noticing missing transactions in my Fidelity brokerage accounts. Some Fidelity accounts download ok, others miss multiple transactions. I spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support jumping through all types of hoops with no luck. They told me I was the only one reporting this problem, [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]. For now, I use the reconcile shares feature and then let Quicken create placeholder transactions to force the correct share balances in each individual holding. Tedious, but doable. At some point I may cancel my subscription to Quicken Deluxe (Windows). My primary investment use is to be able to track my consolidated asset allocation, and I don't care if the tax basis is off or if there are missing transactions.

    [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

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    I have an account at Fidelity Net Benefits. This is a tax deferred compensation account (not a 401K or IRA). This account contains 4 mutual funds that require a bimonthly partial sell and then cash disbursed to my separate bank account.

    Question 1: Until recently the sell shares were reported in my Quicken transactions under the fund name which then were automatically reduced the fund shares held. Now they only download as "undisclosed" security sale and I have to manually change the name so they can be properly deducted?

    Question 2: Quicken does not show the cash amount disbursement for the cash sent to my bank. So I have to manually reduce my cash to 0 after each disbursement?

  • wmisson
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    I have had problems with the Fidelity Credit card and the Fidelity cash checking account not downloading properly.

    In the credit card statement it says cleared on 10/23 but when i go to reconcile in quicken on 10/28 it says not cleared.


  • jazztbone
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    I've had the same problem downloading transactions from my Fidelity brokerage account. The problem has been ongoing for several months. I've spent many hours attempting to debug the problem, to no avail. I've been a Quicken customer for 30+ years. At this point, I'm forced to manually enter and reconcile new transactions for this account. It's extremely frustrating that a fix has not been made yet, and we're not getting much if any feedback from support about this major problem. I'm nearing the end of my rope with Quicken.

  • MSVA
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    I am having a similar problem: Quicken has not downloaded any transactions from Fidelity since late September. I have not received any error messages. To the contrary, Quicken indicates that my Fidelity Investments accounts have all been updated, although in fact no transactions have been downloaded for over a month.

    I spoke to Quicken support today and advised the Quicken representative of this thread. He says that Quicken is aware of an issue and is working on it.

    It is odd that no one from Quicken has responded to the inquiries. To be specific: (1) this is not an issue with Fidelity Rewards Visa; (2) this is not a 502-CC or other Quicken error message issue. The issue is that Quicken indicates that a connection with Fidelity has occurred and that the Fidelity accounts have been updated, but in fact Quicken has not downloaded any transactions.

  • Leighton Stew
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    I use Quicken for Mac and am having the same problem. I link to "Fidelity Investments Mac". This link insists I use Direct Connect, as opposed to Quicken Connect (which updates data via Quicken servers). Thought I get the current balance of the account I do not receive transactions.

    When having such issues with Quicken I often switch over to "Mint" which is Intuit's ad-driven, web-based account service. I was able to connect to "" using Mint. It did first ask me to enter some security validation information, then connected and downloaded 3 years worth of transactions, up to current date. I think Mint must be using a different connect method; the issue may be with "Direct Connect" protocol not specifying transaction level authority. Will update y'all if I find out more.

    In general I have found Mint useful as an intermediary in various situations. You can output data in CSV format from Mint, which can then be imported into Quicken. Quicken is touchy about CSV imports but Mint exports them in a Quicken friendly format. I have used this format as a guide when wishing to transfer data into Quicken from other, unsupported, sources such as Excel.

  • MSVA
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    Good news. I deactivated every Fidelity account and then reactivated, and today it worked. However, only transactions from November were downloaded. Although Quicken said that it had downloaded transactions from the past 111 days, I'm still missing all October and late September transactions.

    Still not word from Quicken itself.

    By the way, I found a much more robust discussion of this problem under a heading for Fidelity Netbenefits. This appears to be a long-standing issue.

    I don't know about others, but this year I have had to spend way too many hours troubleshooting Quicken problems. The software seems to be destabilizing, which isn't a very technical term, but it seems ominous to me. Are others having similar experiences?

  • R.S.
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    I am having the same issue as reported by several users above. Is there an update/resolution yet?

  • DaveLet
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    I upgraded to Quicken 2023 from Quicken 2012 just to download transactions from Fidelity Investments, where we have 8 Regular investment or IRA accounts. None of the dividend or interests are loading. Interest and dividend entries prior to Sept 2023 appear as matched transactions which I have to manually accept. I should have stayed with Quicken 2012, considering that there has been no time saving for me.

  • DaveLet
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    Any sugeestions for a solution would be appreciated. First time posting to a community forum. Used to active phone support or internet support from the software company.