Missing account - USAA

I have added my USAA accounts to my Quicken but for some reason my Savings account isn't showing up. Any ideas as to why?


  • Hello @Augusta,

    To start troubleshooting this issue, could you please provide additional information? Have there been any recent transactions in that Savings account? One thing that can happen is if there haven't been any recent transactions other than interest payments in the account, it can be labeled as Dormant, which will prevent Quicken from seeing it. If that is what is happening, I recommend following the instructions in this Community Alert to resolve the issue.

    If there have been recent transactions, the next thing to check is if you are the primary account holder or an authorized user on the account. Often times, authorized users don't have permissions to download account data into Quicken, so you would need to connect it using the Primary account holder's credentials.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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