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The ability to create custom reports and graphs that could be included on the dashboard would be great. For example the ability to create a report and graph for a specific category.

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  • jhart
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    i agree. i just got off chat support and they said the only way to make them custom is you have to delete your accounts from the entire software since the reports are based on every account. I use quicken for MAC and it would be great that if you could just allow the dashboard cards default report to me customized and saved. that would be a step forward.

  • Chris_QPW
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    I actually read the original request a bit differently. Both are valid, just different.

    And the original one sounds more powerful.

    I believe that the "New Dashboard" in Quicken Windows pretty much lines up with the one in Quicken Mac (Not that Quicken Windows has a "Classic" one that is much more complete, but just done in older "widgets"). And one of the first requests that was made when that came out was some of this kind of customizing. For the ones where it applies, in Quicken Windows you can select which accounts to use.

    So, I think Quicken Windows is slightly ahead in this, but on the other hand there are "cards" that one might want to filter by categories for instance, or payees, ... So, one request that should be there is to fill out the ability to do this kind of filtering.

    But back to the original request "display custom reports/graphs" I take to mean that you would have say a "view port" card that just displays any customized report/graph that the user has already created. This would mean that the developers wouldn't have to guess at what kind of "cards" are needed and what kind of customizing. The work can be done once for the regular customized reports and graphs and then those can be "viewed on" the Dashboard.

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  • TomU
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    in Classic, I'm trying to create a graph for one specific bank account, showing month end bank balances.

    is this possible?

  • jacobs
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    @TomU No, there is no functionality for creating cuts graphs in Quicken Mac at this time. the developers have said they plan to add this in the future. You can create custom reports to show what you want, but not graphs.

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