Lowes Credit Card Not Updating (Online Biller Issue, Q Win)

My Lowes credit card account update is no longer updating. I am receiving an error with an option to "Fix It" but after I select it I receiver a message, "Still connecting to Lowes, Quickens is still connecting to your biller.You can refresh to check the status".

I tried deleting my Lowes account and recreating it after 4 days in a row getting the same error. After providing the proper credentials I successfully added my lowes credit card account and received the following message: Your bill has been successfully added, but your next amount due is not available from your biller. You should get the latest due date and amount when your bill is available. I then have an option to "FIX IT" which brings me back to the original problem.

I have had this same problem in the past with Lowes and Discover cards. After others recognize the same issues and report this connection problems with Quickens, will fix or accelerate the error. Quickens technical team please help and assist with reconnecting properly with Lowe"s Credit Card update/connection problems which has been this way for more than 7 days and counting.

Thank You.


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