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I have Quicken for Mac (most current). I want to build a memorized report that shows transactions/summary of income for selected securities from multiple investment accounts (not all securities from all accounts). I have added both payee and security/payee in transaction register. While building report payee tab does not show security name even though register shows name of the security.



  • Jon
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    Unfortunately you're not going to be able to create a memorized report for that. There aren't any investment reports on the Mac, and the regular reports don't work because securities are not payees (as you've discovered). If you can get one of the Portfolio tabs to show you what you're looking for you can print those, that's the closest thing we have right now.

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  • vip
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    Thanks Jon. I wish they add more investment reports on mac.

  • jacobs
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    @vip Please add your vote for investment reports in this thread…

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    So, why doesn't Quicken for Mac have the same features as Quicken for Windows? I want to add offline fixed deposits in foreign currencies. Windows instructions call for using the account "Securities," but no such account exists in Quicken for Mac. I do get a little tired of being treated like a second-class citizen just because I prefer Mac to Windows!