Need more Investment Reports in Q Mac

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Upgrade Quicken for Mac subscription to include all investment reports that were available to Quicken for Mac users way back in 2007! Shameful that after 15 years(!) Quicken will not give Mac users this function that they previously had, and that are and have always been available to Windows users. What's the problem???
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  • jacobs
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    There are three existing Idea posts which seek investment reports in Quicken Mac. Rather than adding to this new thread, it is helpful to add votes (and comments — but especially votes ;) ) to these existing thread: here and here and here
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  • r6fs
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    I really would like to run buy a MAC desktop and quicken for MAC, but will not. This is because Q Mac doesn't have the same INVESTMENT reports as Q Windows. It should NOT be rocket science to have the same investment reports in MAC that we have in Windows. AS ARESULT YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON sales,
  • jacobs
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    @r6fs Well, I'd note that if you use Quicken Windows and would like to switch to Quicken Mac, that won't result in them getting any new sales. ;)

    As for investment reporting, many key investment reports can be generated via the various filters and columns in the Portfolio view. They can be printed or exported. What can't be done yet is saving each such custom report for re-use. So each time you want an investment report in Quicken Mac, you have to tweak the filters for the report you want. That's an annoyance, to be sure, but it doesn't prevent getting reports many users need.

    Please make sure you click on the links in my post two above this one to add your votes for improved investment reports in Quicken Mac!
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  • David Linkin
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    Specifically want the "Investing Activity" report that is part of the windows version. I cannot figure out how to modify a report to create this report in Mac.
  • jacobs
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    @“David Linkin” For those of us longtime Mac users who have never used Quicken Windows, can you describe what’s shown in the “Investing Activity” report? Thanks.
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