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Jeff Kravin
Jeff Kravin Member ✭✭

Ever since I added a loan account for one of my banks, I have been getting squirrelly results in downloading data from all of my accounts. Some seem to work, but they are not listed in the update summary. The other savings account from the loan institution gets an error about every other time I update. I receive multiple notifications per day from that institution of login attempts with incorrect credentials. I am certain these are coming from Quicken - they started when I started having connection problems. If I download an individual account, the summary lists other different accounts. When I download them all, some are missing out of the summary. I have no faith whether transactions are actually being downloaded at all half the time.


  • Quicken Kristina

    Hello @Jeff Kravin,

    To further assist with this issue, could you please provide more information? When did this issue first start? Is this affecting all accounts with all financial institutions you have connected in your Quicken, or just all accounts with the same financial institution as the loan account? What error message/code are you receiving?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Jeff Kravin
    Jeff Kravin Member ✭✭

    Quicken Kristina.

    Thank you for responding, but it is too complicated to discuss in a forum, plus I would have to reveal private information. I need support from Quicken and I will call tomorrow. If you would like to help, please write back and give me a way to talk to you privately.

    Thank you,

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