Some Citi transactions doubling up on download

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    Thank you for pointing that out. I did not dig into the unit transactions, I only looked in the header. Indeed it does not have those transaction id#'s

    This brings up an issue I have had with Citi transactions that caused me to stop downloading them. It seems that all the time, I will get "doubled up" on certain Citi transactions. I wonder if this is the problem there too.

    Thank you

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    I do not know if this will help or not.

    I am not having any problem with Chase or Amex, both on Express Web Connect+, however I ran a Super Validate and it corrected some issues with both Chase and Amex specific to Express Web Connect+.

    See if that helps.

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    Hard to say what the exact problem is without looking into the details, but the first thing to understand with Citi is that "Citibank" as the financial institution which can only be used for savings/checking accounts only supports Express Web Connect, and it has had problems for years. With a Citi credit card, it might be possible to set it up with "Citi Cards" and Direct Connect (doesn't work for all "store cards", but does work with the Costco Anywhere Visa). That connection once setup has been great for years. But note there is also bug in Quicken that prevents using it for two different credit cards. Here are some threads with more information:

    But in general, yes if the unique Ids aren't done correctly that will result in duplicate transactions. For instance, in the case of Express Web Connect (not Express Web Connect +) a lot of the times the data that Intuit (Quicken Inc's aggregator) gets the data format in doesn't have a unique Id and so Intuit creates its own. The algorithm they are using has flaw in it that they are using a "seed number" that is incremented in the calculation. That "seed number" gets changed if you reset the account connection or disable/reenable it. Resulting in lots of duplicates.

    Currently neither Citbank or Citi Cards as the financial institution supports Express Web Connect +.

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    Well this was a response to the Chase Download Problems OL-221 topic.

    Perhaps the moderators should move the Citi stuff to a new topic for Citi so as not to confuse the Chase issue.

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