The US Bank "update" for existing connections is targeting the wrong US Bank landing page


I've been fighting with Quicken insisting I need to "update" my US Bank connection for months now. I believe I've identified the problem, and hope Quicken support is listening.

The landing page Quicken currently targets when opening the browser and link for the user in the update process is part of US Bank Wealth Management, not US bank retail or business banking.

I'm able to log in to the online banking portal as per normal with my credentials, but those same credentials are not valid at the "standalone.oauth" landing page. A US Bank customer agent suggested that I let Quicken know that that page is intended for wealth management customers, and in some regions will not allow system-wide login credentials.

I hope this gets fixed now - You're not directing us to the right site to establish the account link.




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    Hello @William McLachlan,

    If you have noticed that your financial institution has an incorrect URL, then it will require them to submit a request to have it changed within Quicken. For more detailed information regarding this topic, please take a moment to review the section titled "How can I fix an incorrect Homepage URL?" found in this support article. It is recommended to request to speak to a tier 2 representative or supervisor as they are generally more familiar with third-party applications.

    Also, when creating a new discussion within the Quicken Community, please be mindful of which platform you are choosing and that the category aligns with the topic of your discussion/idea.

    Thank you.

    -Quicken Jasmine
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    i've gotten 5 emails from usbank that q is authorized to get my stuff but q does not recognize it - It's a Q problem

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    Quicken Jasmine

    This sounds like my problem that has been going on for weeks. Trying to get fixed this week and I have talked to US Bank & Quicken twice each on this issue and have support tickets with both without resolution. It seems to me it is a Quicken problem since both [Removed - 3rd-Party Softwares] download properly.

    Can you investigate this specific problem?