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Why won't Venmo Connect for Downloads?

Smattus Member ✭✭

I saw that this was a known issue in September. In October I connected my Venmo account and successfully downloaded transactions. Now it has stopped working, though I have no trouble logging in to Venmo over the web or in the app.


  • Hello @Smattus,

    To look into this issue, I checked for errors on the server side and saw it was showing an account mismatch (CC-506) error. To troubleshoot this issue, I recommend that you first backup your Quicken file, then follow these steps from this article on error code CC-506:

    Refresh your account information

    1. From your account register, select the Actions gear icon at the very top of your register (Ctrl + Shift + N).
    2. Then select Update Now.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
    4. If the problem persists, continue with the procedures below.

    Deactivate all accounts for this financial institution, then force Quicken to "discover" all available accounts:

    1. Open the Account List in Quicken (Tools > Account List OR Ctrl + A);
    2. If present, select the Show Hidden Accounts checkbox at the bottom of the Account List;
    3. Edit each account with this financial institution to Deactivate (or Remove From One Step Update) on the Online Services tab;
    4. Click on the General tab and remove any info displayed in the Financial Institution, and Account/Routing Number fields. Note: The account must be deactivated first before these fields can be edited.
    5. When finished, close the Account List;
    6. Close, then re-open Quicken;
    7. Click the Add Account button at the bottom of the Account Bar on your main view;
    8. Walk through this process as if you were going to add a new account, providing the login credentials and answering any security questions/processes presented, UNTIL you reach the screen where Quicken displays the Accounts Discovered at the financial institution;
    9. Very carefully LINK each of the found accounts to the appropriate account you already have set up in Quicken.

    If the account was closed, deactivate it from future online updates

    1. Choose Tools menu > Account List.
    2. Click the Edit button next to the account you want to deactivate.
    3. In the Account Details dialog, click the Online Services tab.
    4. Click Deactivate to stop downloading transactions for this account.

    Please let me know how it goes!

    Quicken Kristina

  • Hello @Smattus,

    An alert just came out for the issue today, so if the troubleshooting from my earlier post does not correct the issue, I would recommend bookmarking this Community Alert to get updates when available and to know when the issue is resolved. If you do not see the bookmark icon at the upper right, please make sure you are logged into the Community.

    Thank you!

    (Ticket# 10575716/CTP-8110)

    Quicken Kristina

  • mdversion01
    mdversion01 Member

    I've been trying to connect to Venmo for the last couple of weeks.

    Quicken Version 7.3.2 (Build 703.50456.100) on MacOS 14

    I add my account and use the correct login/password and it responds asking me if I put in the correct information.
    I've removed Venmo and the login/password for Quicken in my KeyChain
    But I still get the same response. Sometimes it will send me a verification code and after I put that in, I get the same response, asking me if I put in the correct information.

    I've had issues in the past with Quicken connecting to Venmo, and I would just delete the account and then re-add it. But since the account has already been deleted, etc. I don't think the issue is on my end.

  • Smattus
    Smattus Member ✭✭

    I'm running the latest version of Quicken on a Windows 10 VM (VMware Fusion) on my Mac, since I don't feel like downgrading to Quicken Mac.

  • Smattus
    Smattus Member ✭✭


    Here's what the support person says:

    Hi Richard, Rea here from Venmo Support. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us and I hope this message finds you well. I understand that you wish to log into Venmo from Quicken. Currently, Quicken software is not compatible with Venmo, but it sounds like a great idea. We love hearing what our users would like to see implemented. I've passed your suggestion along to the team here at Venmo. If in case that you prefer live support, I am happy to let you know that our phone lines are open 8:00am to 8:00pm CT, seven days a week. You are welcome to give us a call at (855) 812-4430. If you need further assistance beyond 8:00pm CT, we have our Chat support available in the app to assist you until 10 pm CT. Please keep smiling for the rest of the day and let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist. Take care! Best,

    Rea L | Venmo Support

  • mdversion01
    mdversion01 Member

    Strange, I've using Venmo in Quicken for years, up until a month ago when my old iMac died and I bought a new Mac. Oh well.

  • Smattus
    Smattus Member ✭✭

    That’s what I thought. I was seeing notes about the Quicken link being broken as opposed to nonexistent. It could be confusion by the customer service person.

  • Austin@
    Austin@ Mac Beta Beta

    I’ve had different support people from Venmo say they do support it, and some say they don’t, most don’t even know what Quicken is. I don’t think any of them really know what’s going on or whether it is actually supported or not.

  • Eli Sherer
    Eli Sherer Member ✭✭✭

    Meanwhile, nearly a month after the last post, there is NO progress on fixing this issue. While I do know that Quicken (and Intuit) have NO control over what Venmo does… the fact of the matter is that it DID work for years on both Windows and Mac (I migrated a few months ago, in the midst of the issue's heyday). Now… it doens't work on either side.

    More importantly for Users, the bulletin "ONGOING 9/20/23 Venmo - CC-503/FDP-103" has NOT been updated since October! TWO months without anything makes it feel like you've forgotten us!

  • Smattus
    Smattus Member ✭✭

    Ironically, Venmo has suddenly started working for me. No warning or explanation - I just tried it the other day and it was working again.

  • Austin@
    Austin@ Mac Beta Beta

    @Smattus Don't hold your breath. It works randomly here and there but then within a day or two it stops working again and updates fail. Fingers crossed for a long-term fix on this.