Syncing Quicken Data Files between 2 computers - Can it cause bank sync issues

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Over the last 9 months or so I have had frequent (monthly) issues where transactions stop downloading with no error from OSU. Usually resetting the accounts resolves this issue (note sometimes it puts the sum total of new transactions into the opening balance entry at the beginning of the register rather than downloading them as new transactions).

I have a desktop and a laptop and I sync the entire folder where all of my quicken data files are stored via Synology Drive. I will do One-Step-Update from either machine depending on where I am.

Can this cause issues that would create the Bank Sync issues that so many people are reporting?

FYI - Using Windows 11 Quicken Business and Personal. Have used quicken for over 20 years.


  • RichardCSchreyer
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    All I can say is after trying to get Web Sync and One Drive sharing to work for months, gave up put the data file on a desktop computer, store the data in the C Drive Root, do not Sync with the Web and eliminated 95% of the errors. Still going to have a problem when a financial institution updates their process, but after they get the dust to settle things go back to no problems.

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    I have the same issue (where accounts download via OSU, show ZERO errors, but don't actually download transactions). I do NOT sync my quicken data file to anything or anywhere. It just sits on my C drive (and I use the Quicken "backup" option to create a separate backup file that is then copied elsewhere).

    The no download transactions issue has happened several times, so i think it's a quicken bug, but I can't make the issue happen and it may be weeks until I notice the problem (when I go to reconcile my monthly statements).

  • Quicken Jasmine

    Hello All,

    We strongly advise against saving your main data file on an external hard drive or a Cloud-based backup location such as DropBox (as well as any other cloud-based drive folders) as this can cause irreversible data damage and/or corruption. For this reason, we strongly recommend keeping your main data file saved only on your local hard drive. By default, Quicken data files are saved and located in the following pathway; C:\Users\"Username"\Documents\Quicken (see example below). 

    Moving your main data file to be stored in a folder located on your local hard drive rather than an external and/or cloud-based drive may also help prevent the issue you are currently experiencing.

    Please, refer to this support article for more information in regards to storing data files on cloud-based services such as DropBox. Backup files, however, are fine to be saved to cloud-based drives.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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