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Citi Bank two factor - no connect

So, we've been using Quicken forever. Currently on Windows 11, Quicken Ver R52.33 Build Setup all our banks, credit cards and investment firms to two factor. Ipad and Iphone use face or fingerprint identification. Everything updates / down loads but Citibank error code CC-595. followed the instructions and number provided to contact Citibank - no help.they say its Quicken. Tried all the Comm settings in Quicken-no go. Turned off two factor on Citibank and everything works. Ideas?


  • Hello @klm1579,

    To help troubleshoot this issue, could you please tell me what kind of account(s) you have with Citi Bank (checking, savings, credit card, etc)? The issue you are describing sounds like this known issue. Having two factor authentication turned off when updating your Citi account(s) in Quicken is a work around. If the account(s) is a credit card, then you may be able to connect using the Citi Cards connection and choosing to connect via Direct Connect (see this FAQ for more information).

    I look forward to your response!

    Quicken Kristina

  • klm1579
    klm1579 Member

    Two Citi Bank credit cards. Everything works fine with Citi Bank two factor set to off. If I turn it on, Quicken errors out. Quicken communication set to Direct Connect. I looked at the online services and I only see Direct Connect. All my other accounts are Express Web Connect +. Followed the instructions when Quicken errors to call Citi Bank (number on Quicken screen). All the customer support / Techs said was its Quicken not us.

  • Thank you for your reply,

    You shouldn't be getting prompts for multi factor authentication when updating an account connected by Direct Connect. To correct this issue, please backup your Quicken file, then deactivate those two accounts.

    Once the accounts are deactivated, go to Tools>Add Account then search for and select Citi Cards. You should see an Advanced Options link. Click on that link.

    Once in the Advanced Options screen, make sure Direct Connect is selected, then click Next and follow the prompts.

    Note: You will likely need to authorize through Citi's website to be able to successfully connect. This FAQ provides more information.

    After reconnecting the accounts, test to see if the issue persists.

    Please let me know how it goes!

    Quicken Kristina

  • klm1579
    klm1579 Member

    OK, I think I've got working.

    I ran through the instructions you gave me and no go, errors.. I tried multiple times with different combinations and errors.

    Here was the problem. While following the FAQ on my Citi Bank account to set up the add access there needs to be another line. "Check the Apps you already have set up. If you have a previous - Allow Quicken access, you need to delete it." After that everything seemed to work.

    I did all this on my desk top computer and you need to scroll down to see the authorized Apps.

    Thanks for you help.

  • Thank you for the follow up,

    I'm glad to hear you have it working now. Also, thank you for the information about needing to remove any existing authorizations on Citi's website.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out!

    Quicken Kristina