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Like so many others, I am having a problem. I have 2 accounts, blue and gold. When I reauthorize, Quicken recognizes the existing account for blue, but does not for gold. It wants to force it to a checking account and overwrite one of my bank accounts. If I try to add new, it will not allow me to setup as a credit account, only checking or savings. This is very annoying. We all need Quicken to step up here and fix this problem quickly.


  • Quicken Kristina

    Hello @NJMike1964,

    To better assist with this issue, could you please provide more information? Are both of these accounts under the same User ID with Amex, or do they have different User IDs? When did this issue with the Amex gold coming in as a bank account (instead of credit) start? There are several different connection options for American Express. Which one are you using (American Express, American Express - Delegate, American Express - Banking, etc)? Have you had any luck trying a different connection option?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • UKR
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    If any of these accounts are still showing "activated" (in Edit Account Details / Online Services tab) deactivate the accounts first.
    Now please try setting up your AmEx credit card accounts again, but use Tools / New Account to perform the process.
    When you follow instructions and get to the AmEx website showing a list of accounts be sure to click each account to give it a checkmark in the box on the left. (If you skip past this step, error "no accounts found" will be waiting for you later on)
    When back in Quicken follow instructions to activate accounts.
    In the list of accounts found be sure to "Link" accounts to their correct Quicken account registers or you will create new account registers. Yes, click on the Link button, follow the popups to ensure, e.g., card -1234 is correctly linked to Quicken register for card 1234.

  • jtemplin
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    What you describe doesn't match what I'm seeing when I try to reauthorize my three AMEX accounts.

    I have a main card, and two additional cardholder cards. Each card has its own login. The login for the main card shows all transactions across all three cards (that's expected). The logins for the additional cardholders only show the transactions for that card. This is the way AMEX downloads have always worked.

    I track all three cards/logins in Quicken. When I reauthorized the main card, I logged into the main card AMEX account and was only presented with the main card to check its box. That was expected since it worked that way when AMEX first switched to EWC+, and that card/account reauthorized successfully. I have been downloading transactions from that account for the past few days.

    It's when I try to reauthorize the other two additional cardholder accounts that I run into trouble. When I use Tools > New Account and select AMEX, I log in to one of the additional cardholder AMEX accounts. I'm presented with the correct additional cardholder card to check its box. Again, that's expected. The AMEX side tells me I've successfully authorized for that card, but when I return to Quicken, it gives me the login failure message others have reported. My spouse, who is one of the additional cardholder also can't authorize their card on their own Quicken instance; the sequence is the same (AMEX appears to reauthorize correctly on their end, Quicken then reports a login failure).

    So, AMEX knows which cards to present to you when you log in. It appears to authorize correctly on their side. But for the additional cardholder accounts, it doesn't complete on the Quicken side. It think "additional cardholder account" is where things are messed up.

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