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E Trade just change all account numbers to Morgan Stanley account numbers.

Cannot download transactions, so why am I paying for Quicken Deluxe??

Quicken, I change the account number in the "edit" account feature, but Quicken keep sending the old account number. So Mr Intuit, how does you get his $ back for a faulty product or get help from your engineers on fixing this problem… Send the $56 or let me know how to get the service promised..

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  • Tom Young
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    Go here:

    and you'll find lots of posts about the various ways users have made this number transition work.

    I don't have any Etrade accounts - moved away from them years and years ago - but probably the first thing I'd have tried if this post wasn't available is:

    1. Made a backup
    2. Deactivated all Etrade accounts from downloading
    3. Deleted the Financial Institution and Account Number information on the General tab of Account Details
    4. Selected one of the Quicken Accounts and clicked on Set up Now under the online services tab
    5. Selected the correct Financial Institution - don't know if it's "Etrade" or "Morgan Stanley" - and then LINKED the accounts Quicken found to the appropriate Quicken Accounts.

    A FYI: Intuit no longer owns Quicken and hasn't for quite a while now and I think Etrade/Morgan Stanley dropped the ball by not laying out a method to handle the changeover in account numbering for its customers that use Quicken.

  • john_in_USA

    Give it a try, thank you. Intuit and Quicken, see how long I've been using??????

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