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I see this has been reported several times on here but discussions closed with little discussion.

So I am posting to see if anyone else has figured out how to solve this issue. The basic issue is that Quicken for Windows is adding categories to my customized reports. This is not me adding categories and then accidently selecting them, nor is opening the wrong report. I have this issue on long standing customized reports and able to recreate it with a brand new report.


  1. I open the standard, built in Spending→Income/Expense by Category Report
  2. Then I select customize and go to categories
  3. I click on Clear All to remove all the selected categories then scroll through to confirm all categories are deselected.
  4. I then select 4 categories: '_DivInc','_DivIncTaxFree','_IntInc','IntIncTaxFree'
  5. Then I change date range to custom 01/01/13-12/31/23
  6. I also go into Accounts and selected all my investment accounts
  7. Then run report and it works, shows the four categories over the time periods I have selected.
  8. I immediately go back into customize without saving or otherwise modifying the report and there are tons of categories selected and seeming random categories. For instance, see below showing a whole group of 401 categories selected. This is just a small subset of the categories randomly selected.
  9. I regularly run a super validate on my file.

ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE OR A SOLUTION? I have reported through feedback in Quicken for Windows Classic. I am using latest revision of Quicken "Classic" on a completely up to date Windows 11 Pro notebook. My files are stored completely locally and not replicated to cloud or on a cloud drive.


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    See the (parentheses) around the unwanted Categories? Than means they are hidden. It also looks like you have un-hidden the _DivInc Category and probably the others you want to appear in your report. There is a discussion here

    about similar issues to what you report, and apparently it has still not been fixed, or if they did change something, it is still confusing.

    Try this:

    1. Open the built-in Income/expense by Category report.
    2. Click on the gear to customize and select the Categories tab. All Categories, including hidden ones, are selected.
    3. Click on Clear all while All Categories is still selected. This should de-select all the Categories, including the hidden ones.
    4. Now select the Categories you want to include
    5. Select the accounts you want and click on OK.

    Now it should work.

    The problem is that if you go to "include only transactions with selected Categories" before clicking on Clear All, the hidden Categories box is un-checked, and when you click on Clear All, the hidden Categories are not cleared.

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    The steps you outlined are same as I weunt through as noted above with one exception. Once I stop selecting "Show Hidden Categories" the random addition of categories to report seems to stop. So

    1. If Show Hidden Categories selected, no matter how carefully I clear all then select just the few categories I want Quicken randomly selects a bunch of hidden categories and adds to report definition.
    2. If Show Hidden Categories turned off then report is maintained as I selected.

    In testing this with today's latest release I'm seeing very weird new behavior; when I switch Show Hidden on and off Quicken briefly shows all categories selected, then I wait a moment, the entire screen flashes, and then just the categories I have selected remain selected. This doesn't impact my report construction but it is new weird behavior.

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