HTTP-400 Error from Citi Cards

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Anyone else having issues with Citi Cards updates this morning? I'm getting HTTP-400, error code 16503 (Direct Connect, OFX).
Issue just started this morning. Nothing changed on my side, no account changes, no Quicken SW changes, no OS updates, etc.

macOS Sonoma 14.1.1, Quicken Classic for Mac, Version 7.3.2 (Build 703.50456.100)

Looking at OFXLog.txt, I see:
2023-11-16 14:04:54 +0000: Response from (BID 4894)
Response encoding: (null), length: 53, MIME type: application/x-ofx

2023-11-16 14:04:54 +0000: HTTP-400 error from server:
{"responseCode":"400","responseStatus":"BAD REQUEST"}


  • Hello @MarkFQ,

    This could be an issue with the connection between Citi Cards and Quicken.

    To start with, I suggest deactivating the account(s) experiencing this error, removing the saved login credentials from the Keychain Access app, and then reactivating the accounts. However, before doing so, I do recommend saving a backup of your data file first (just in case). Then, please check and make sure you do not have any hidden accounts that may be connected to this financial institution.

    1. Go to the Accounts menu and choose Hide and Show Accounts
    2. Uncheck any accounts with this specific financial institution that are checked as hidden in Lists

    After that, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below.

    1. Open the account register and navigate to the Settings gear on the bottom-right corner
    2. Click on the Downloads tab
    3. Click Disconnect Account (if there are more than one account associated with this financial institution, please repeat steps 1 through 3 for each account)
    4. Quit Quicken
    5. Open Finder and navigate to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access app
    6. On the left panel in the Keychain Access app, select Login and select Passwords at the top
    7. Search for the financial institution's name in the top-right search field and delete any entries found showing "Quicken password for [your financial institution username] at [financial institution name] "
    8. Quit the Keychain Access app and reopen Quicken
    9. Navigate to Accounts > Add Account...
    10. Use the search field at the top of the list to find and select your financial institution and click Continue
    11. Follow the prompts to sign in using your login credentials associated with the financial institution
    12. If the accounts have been found successfully; use the dropdown menus to link each account to the appropriate account in Quicken

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Jasmine
  • MarkFQ
    MarkFQ Member

    Well alright, thanks Quicken Jasmine; that did the trick. Now of course, root cause is still not so clear. Perhaps Citi Cards requires a periodic re-auth cycle? And if so, they could do a lot better than simply returning a generic 400-Bad-Request. Anyways, seems to be good now.

  • Hello @MarkFQ,

    I am so happy to hear that we were able to reach a resolution.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns!

    -Quicken Jasmine