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First it's the problem of Quicken not accepting my file password, NOW THIS! I have used a password manger for as long as I can remember, but now it is blocked in Quicken. I've been asked to login to Quicken more times the last few days then what I used to be asked in 3 months in the past. Unfortunately, Quicken no longer works with 1Password and to add insult to injury, it no longer allows copy and paste to the username or password entry. Unfortunately my subscription just renewed last week. If it hadn't, I'd be cancelling it. And if there is no resolution to this there will be no renewal next year. Suggestions? And yes, I'm very annoyed.


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    Happening to me as well since the last update a couple of days ago. About the only way i can get in is to do a restore from backup work through what I want make another backup because later I have to go through the same issue. I use my one drive and have Quicken on there, is that what the problem is? Or it going to the cloud. Should I remove it from one drive to try and get this resolved?

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    I store the data file at C: \Quicken Data\ and the backup files on the one drive at C:\Users\rcsch\OneDrive\Quicken Backup Data\ and have had no issues with passcode or download issues. Putting the backup files on the one drive offers insurance that if I crash the computer I can restore from the one drive in the cloud…One more caveat is I that have sync to mobile web turned off. It seems to run with no issues this way.

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    Quicken recommends not having your main data file linked with a Cloud storage service because of the risk of Quicken performance and data integrity/corruption issues. I think the issue is that the OneDrive tries to sync with the data file while you are using it and that doesn't always work real well. In my mind, it is not a question of if there will be Quicken and/or data file issues but when they will occur and how bad will they be.

    When I upgraded to Win 11 about a year ago the upgrade process synced my Quicken data file folder (along with many other files) with OneDrive without informing me and without my consent. I almost immediately started having problems with Quicken. Once I realized what happened and delinked my data file folder from OneDrive the Quicken issues resolved right away.

    It's fine to use a Cloud storage site for backup files and it is actually recommended for that. If your computer should ever crash you will have a backup there that can be a godsend.

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    I have tested this and have no problem copying and pasting the data file password into the password dialog.

    The first thing I will mention is that if you start Quicken from the install then the permissions will be wrong for any kind posting of the password from your Password manager.

    The other thing, which is more likely is what @Boatnmaniac mentioned and that is Microsoft change the way OneDrive works and if you have your data file in OneDrive it will mess up Quicken when trying to open the data file/enter the password. Either pause OneDrive while using Quicken or move your data file (not the backup) out of OneDrive.

    The last thing I will say is that I normally don't have a password on my data file, but put one on a data file to test, and it works fine with RoboForm:

    If I press the Qw button it will fill in the password and select OK.

    I have my data files at: C:\Quicken, so it isn't in OneDrive.

    This is my website:
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    I, too, have no issues using copy/paste to fill in login information for Quicken, for PW Vault and for OSU/Update Now account setups.

    I do not use an independent 3rd party PW manager software (like 1Password) so I can't personally speak to that issue. But I know many other users do and I have not been seeing others recently posting about encountering issues in using them with Quicken.

    I suspect that if these issues are being encountered then one or more of the following actions might resolve them:

    • If the main data file is in a folder that syncs with OneDrive (or some other Cloud storage site), move that data file to a folder that does not do that or delink the folder from OneDrive. (While pausing sync with OneDrive might also work, I am of the opinion that the main data file should not be saved/synced with any Cloud storage site and there are Quicken Support Articles also saying the same thing. It's OK to save backup files there, though.)
    • Close and reopen Quicken.
    • Reboot the computer.
    • If the issue still exists, uninstall Quicken and then download and install a fresh full copy of Quicken from your online account or from

    If the issue still exists after trying these things then some additional troubleshooting might be necessary either with assistance in this Community or by contacting Quicken Support via Phone or Chat at Or if you have a Premier or Business & Personal subscription, call the phone number listed in your online account which will place you at the front of the queue.

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