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I also had the budget messed up after deleting an old budget they I no longer need. Up popped a notice saying “welcome to a new budget year. New budget for 2023 has been created using your past data” or words to that effect, and once many numbers in my current budget were replaced with old data as if it were Jan 1, 2023.



  • Quicken Kristina

    Hello @wcressey,

    If you have more than one budget, then when you delete one, Quicken will automatically move to the next one. From what you describe, it sounds like the next one that it opened was older and hadn't yet been updated for 2023, which is why you got that pop up window prompting you to select how to carry your budget forward to the new year. I would recommend that you click the dropdown near the upper left and see if the correct budget is selected. (Note: If you had only one budget, then you will not see that dropdown.)

    If an incorrect one is selected, then select your current budget and verify the information is correct.

    If you are in your current budget and the information was overwritten with old information, then I would recommend that you restore a backup from before this issue started. Once you open that newly restored file, please make sure that Mobile & Web is turned off. You can do this by going to Edit>Preferences>Mobile & Web, then making sure the Sync switch is in the Off position.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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