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From: Quicken Customer Support Sent: Wednesday, November 8, 2023 4:06 Subject: EWC Escalation


We are following up on error CC-929. To finalize this solution, please sign out of your file.

To do so, in Quicken go to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts > Sign in as a different user, you can then sign back in with the same Quicken ID (Windows), or click on "Quicken" to the right of the Apple logo in the top left hand corner of the screen -> Sign out -> Sign back in (Mac)

If you will attempt to add or re-activate one or more accounts, please follow these instructions to ensure that you’re entering the correct credentials:

1. Type your credentials (typically Username + Password) into a text app, like Notepad (Windows) or Text Edit (Mac).

2. Copy & Paste those items from text into the login fields of your Financial Institution's website.

3. After confirming these work at the website, go back to Quicken and Copy + Paste the credentials into the fields in Quicken.

If the credentials continue to fail in Quicken, please contact your banks Online Banking Support for further assistance in verifying their requirements for passwords used in Quicken. They may need to contact their service provider to confirm the Minimum/Maximum + Number/Special Character settings that have been posted to the Branding & Profile servers for their online access requirements.

For further assistance with Quicken, please go to

Quicken Support

Thank you,

Quicken Online Banking Escalations Team | Quicken Inc.


Quicken Online Banking Escalations Team | Quicken Inc.:

This procedure you ask of me, has been done many times. There is no problem logging in to any web site for all banking institutions used in Quicken. In fact as an example, I use the same credentials for TIAA bank in Quicken (and web site) as I do for TIAA Brokerage, and the TIAA Bank will not log in(connect) using Quicken but the Brokerage account will!

All the banks (6) have worked in Quicken at one time. All login and connect with their web sites. Since you started the subscription model for Quicken, each time you push down an update , another bank will not connect or allow login. This has been happening for almost a year!

So you want me to contact each banking institution and tell them; to contact their service provider to confirm the Minimum/Maximum + Number/Special Character settings that have been posted to the Branding & Profile servers for their online access requirements?

Seems a bit much to make a customer do so they may have full use of software the customer is paying for. This functional requirement, to allow for communicating between your software (Quicken) and a banking institution’s credential requirements, should be worked out between you both…prior to releasing an update for install.

I will not spend my time researching an issue that is caused by either Quicken or the banks Quicken has associated with already. I am going to continue to operate with the limited functionality of Quicken Premier Classic for now, not be an advocate for Quicken, and plan to allow my subscription to laps at the end of its term.

I have been a Quicken customer for over 15 years, I should receive better customer support then what you are offering at this time… for all those years I have using Quicken.

One time satisfied, but long-time unsatisfied customer, respectfully,



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    Hello @frandino,

    Please be aware that posting your response to the email you received here in the Community will not be received/viewed by the correct department. The Community is primarily user-to-user based and us moderators that monitor the Community are a separate department from the Escalation teams.

    In order for your response to be received and reviewed by the correct Escalations department, please send your response via email by responding directly to the email you received.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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