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We're excited to share some great news with you! Quicken Classic Mac has introduced a new subscription tier, Business & Personal for Mac.

Designed with self-employed professionals and small business owners in mind, the initial release of Business & Personal for Mac encompasses all our Classic for Mac tools and features. It goes even further by incorporating features tailored for small businesses and rentals. Some highlights include:

  • Manage and handling multiple businesses & personal finances together with perfect separation
  • Get Schedule C, E & F tax reports, profitability, income statement, cash flow, and more
  • Store business documents and receipts where you need them
  • Track business & personal mileage for tax deductions

It's important to understand that Business & Personal for Mac functions differently than its Windows Business and Personal counterpart. While our Mac team is learning from Quicken Windows's features, our Mac development team plans to expand on business-related features such as including Invoicing, Balance sheets, etc.

Additionally, when upgrading to Business and Personal, it is vital to migrate categories if they are used to track your business income and expense prior to upgrading to Quicken Mac Business & Personal. If you don't use Quicken for your business, you don't need to go through the migration process. To facilitate this process, we've integrated a category migration tool within the product to help ensure accurate tracking of your business finances. This step is crucial for incorporating your business transactions into the new business dashboard and reports. Neglecting this migration could result in an incomplete view, with the dashboard and reports.

Here are some common questions answered:

Q: Are my business finances separate from my personal finances in the software?

A: Yes, you can use report filters to view your business and personal finances in the way that suits you best—whether it's one business, all businesses, or business and personal together or separately, even if income or expenses come from the same account.

Q: Where can I find help to use these new features?

A: We have online product help articles that explain how to set up and use each feature. 

B: You can reach out to our Quicken Customer Care support line anytime, and one of our knowledgeable Care experts will be happy to assist you.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new features of Quicken Classic Business & Personal for Mac. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance along the way.

Quicken Care and Team

 "it is vital to migrate categories if you used them to track your business income and expense prior upgrading to QMac B&P?  If they didn't use Quicken for their business, they don't need to go through the migration process."

Quicken Janean

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