How do I get Quicken to work on my new lap top

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I just bought a new MacAir and have copied my file for 2023 onto the laptop. I also brought a copy of my Quicken software app over from my desktop to the lap top but it will not let me open up the file. Keeps running me through a bunch of mumbo jumbo screens. I need suggestions on what I need to do to just be able to work on the laptop if I want to.


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    You're going to have to be a bit more specific than "mumbo jumbo screens" before anyone here can give you good suggestions.

    It's possible to move your data file back & forth between computers, I recommend zipping it into a .zip file before moving it. And you don't want to store it on iCloud or any other cloud service, or put it in a directory backed up to iCloud.

    One thing you'll have to do after moving the file to your new computer is reconnect any accounts that were connected for online access via Direct Connect; since the account passwords are stored in your Mac's keychain and not in your Quicken file they don't get transferred over when you copy the Quicken data file. But you should only have to do this one time. I don't think you have to do this with Quicken Connect accounts since the passwords for those are stored in the cloud, but I'm not certain of that.

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    I have tried that but after I sign in it keeps telling me I have to buy the subscription and won’t let me use my file. Every time I try to open the file from the desk top I go to the same login screen, I login and again go around and around to the same subscription screen. I have gotten so frustrated with this software and all the hoops you have to jump through just to use it. I do not download transactions and manually enter all transactions for my farm each year. All I want is to open my file and add items, nothing more. I am NOT buying anymore Quicken and after this year I am going to use another finance software!!!!!

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