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Since Quicken Premier is not supporting RSUs in Quicken for the Mac, I have installed Windows 10 on my Macbook Pro 2019 with an Intel processor (using BootCamp). Full-featured Quicken for Windows is working great.

With the subscription price that Quicken receives and when they advertise investment support, it is amazing the Quicken for Mac does not support RSUs. AND when I talk to support they didn't have a clue about it, thinking it was a porting issue and not an application feature not designed into the product.

Quicken SW developers know exactly what features are supported and which are not. I consider Quicken business practices of not showing comparative features between Windows and Mac OS support to be "shady" or at least "lazy". Either way, it is not reflective of the subscription price they receive. And I am a customer from 2001, way before the yearly fee. Paying a fee I expect full disclosure.


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    I agree. We need RSU support if it's already on Windows

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    EVERY feature available in Windows should be available for Mac. There are so many features that are available for Windows that Mac users cant use but the price remains the same.

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    Writing about a desired/needed feature in a post here won't help the cause; the developers and management do not read every post on this site. However, that's why there is the Product Ideas section of the site, for "Idea" posts to request new features. Topics which attract enough votes by users are forwarded to the development team for consideration. They evaluate whether they think the requested feature is a good idea and useful to enough users, they analyze what work it would entail to implement the requested feature, and then they prioritize their list of feature requests to put things on their development calendar.

    There is an existing Idea thread for this topic here; you should click "View Post" and then add your vote in the yellow box under the first post. you can also add you own comments if you wish, but the vote is what really helps:

    @daunelle The problem with saying "EVERY feature available in Windows should be available for Mac" is that there's no magic way they can create every feature. Each one needs tone designed, coded, and tested — and there are hundreds of feature requests. Quicken is not Apple or Microsoft; it's a small company with a very small Mac development team. So they have to pick and choose which features to develop next, and then next after that, and so on. I understand your sentiment that Quicken Mac should have all the features of its sibling, but that takes considerable work and considerable time. Quicken Mac has come a long way with improved features over the past 9 years since it was introduced, but it still has quite a way to go to matching Quicken Windows feature for feature.

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