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I recently significantly upgraded my my password strength on accounts that have online access. Many of these accounts I download transactions into quicken for ease of tracking. When I attempted to change the passwords in the download password container, I was told there is a 15 character limit on passwords for download in quicken yet the account I am downloading from has a 64 character limit. In these days of compromised sites and front page hacking stories, why would Quicken place such a small limit on the size of passwords? To me this just screams of the lack of financial responsibility on Quicken's part. I would like to see this addressed as a serious security issue.


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    It would take about a million years to crack a password with 15 random characters. So RELAX

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    The security of passwords/length is so misunderstood. But let's cut to the chase.

    What happens if you type in your password wrong at the financial institution more than say 3 times?

    Answer, they lock the account. No one is going to get a chance to try any number of passwords "randomly".

    They basically would have to know your password. That might be possible if they hacked your machine (say by a virus), but then the "length" of your password would be irrelevant.

    But just to understand how many combinations a 16-character password is:

    26 lower and 26 upper case letters, 10 digits, probably another 5 or more symbols. So, let's call that 67 possible combinations per "character" in the password. With a 16-character password that is 67 raised to 16.


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