Reauthorized Fidelity accounts and now only Simple tracking is available (QMac)

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    I just did the Fidelity Reauthorization for Fidelity (several accounts) and all the transaction details disappeared with only the SIMPLE type available now. I have Quicken for MAC. Since my primary Fidelity account is also my primary checking account, i.e. a CMA type account. I can't reconcile checking, search for payments, find stock basis, … all the functions required daily. We are talking thousands of pieces of information unavailable. I will try to go to the backup, but will no longer be able to reconcile checking or perform other functions requiring connectivity.

  • Hello @klarg,

    To look into this issue further, please check which connection you are using with Fidelity. To do that, first, click on the account to select it. Then, go to Accounts>Settings and click on the Downloads tab. It will show you the Financial Institution you're connected to and the Connection Type (see sample image below).

    Not all of the available connections with Fidelity offer Direct Connect (which is what gives you the option for Detailed instead of Simple). If you are connected to Fidelity-Investments & Retirement, you might want to see if you're able to connect to Fidelity Investments Mac or Fidelity Net Benefits instead, since those are Direct Connect.

    To change the which connection you are using with Fidelity, first, backup your Quicken file. Then, deactivate the accounts you want to change to a different connection. To reconnect the accounts, go to Accounts>Add Account and search for the connection you want to use. Follow the prompts and carefully re-link your accounts to the correct names in Quicken.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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