QuickFill Rules - Flexible fields for matching and value assignments


The QuickFill rules, are perhaps not the feature I really need, but it's the closest thing I can find…

The QuickFill Rules can set a catagory and amount for a matching Payee, but in this case, need the amount to be part of the match filter instead of the values to quick-fill. 

Ideally it would be helpful to be able to flexibly assign any of these fields to either the list of match criteria or the values to be set.

Here's the scenario:

My bank sets the payee and statement payee fields for bank-sent checks maintained via their website, not as scheduled tx in Quicken… as "CHK- ######". We have several re-occurring auto-payment checks sent directly from the bank. When these are sync'd down to Quicken, they're all "uncategorized" and I'm struggling to update them all and categorize them manually every week/month, over and over, and over again…


Week 1:
CHK- 01655 for $XXX.00 should be categorized as "School Tuition"
CHK- 01651 for $YYY.00 should be categorized as "Utilities:Electric"

Week 2:
CHK- 01663 for $XXX.00 should be categorized as "School Tuition"

Week 3:
CHK- 01671 for $XXX.00 should be categorized as "School Tuition"

Week 4:
CHK- 01682 for $XXX.00 should be categorized as "School Tuition"
CHK- 01684 for $YYY.00 should be categorized as "Utilities:Electric"

(yes, tuition is due weekly for my son's preschool)



  • UKR
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    Instead of making Quicken create new transactions from downloaded "CHK 1234" transactions, and because these are recurring payments, I recommend the following:

    Set up and use Scheduled Transaction Reminders for each of these recurring check payments, with proper Check Number, Payee Names, Amounts and Categories.
    Execute these reminders when you actually write the paper check, to create a register transaction.
    When the check clears the bank a few days later during a transaction download, Quicken will be able to match the downloaded transaction to the already existing register transaction without the need of complicated QuickFill Rules. If Quicken doesn't automatically match the downloaded transaction, simply drag and drop the downloaded transaction over what's already in the register.

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    @confusedQuickly You posted the same issue yesterday, and several of us responded in that thread.

    @UKR has provided the same suggestion that @Chris_QPW and I did in the other thread. QuickFill transactions are intended to apply a category — or, optionally, category, memo, tags, amount, splits — to a new transaction for an existing Payee. They aren't designed to look for transactions solely based on amount and assign the category. The same amount can come up from different Payees — e.g. I could spend $42.50 at Home Depot and $42.50 at Amazon — so I don't see the amount alone ever being used to assign a Payee name and a category as you're asking for. As has been stated, since you know the Payee, category and amount in advance, what you want to do is create scheduled transactions for these payments, which can them auto-match or be manual matched when your check transactions download.

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