Updating Second American Express card?


My wife and I each have an Amex card. They each have a different number but all transactions post on our one account and show on the one statement. All of our transactions would update into Quicken, but my wife's transactions suddenly stopped. Only mine now download. How can this be fixed?


  • Dave335
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    My AmEx card also stopped working in late December. I was told it was an ongoing issue they are working with AmEX on fixing but not ETA.

  • unitedcapt
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    I resolved this problem through the Amex chat help link after logging into my account. The solution was;

    1. Tools dropdown
    2. Amex account 'edit' button
    3. Online services tab
    4. Hit 'reset account'
    5. You then must log into your amex account, select the active card that appears (mine displays here…wife's does not). Then 'authorize' and it does the reset.

    It will update past transactions that had already entered along with the missing ones from recent days.

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    Hello @unitedcapt,

    Thank you for coming to share the resolution so that other users may come upon this thread and find assistance.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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