Chase account disconnected, unable to download transactions

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Chase credit card transactions not downloading!



  • Peter S
    Peter S Member

    My Chase credit card has been linked to Quicken forever, but suddenly the 'Set Up Now' button appears under 'Online Services'. When I dutifully click the button to reestablish the connection, the Chase website shows the account linked. It is not, and I cannot download transactions.

  • Hello @Peter S,

    To assist with this issue, could you please clarify some information? You said that the Chase website shows the account linked. What happens after that? Do you continue the process to reconnect the account in Quicken? If not, then I recommend you do so. If you do continue the process, could you please tell me what happens next (for instance, does it let you connect, but still doesn't download, or does it say Do not add to Quicken, or does something else happen)?

    I look forward to your reply!

    Quicken Kristina

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