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When re connect and account for one step update, when I get to the Add Account page there is a box containing a nickname. I do not recall using nicknames at any point. That box contains a nickname for another account. How do i change this?


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    The Nickname is the Account Name. When we first set up an account in Quicken, the financial institution will download a suggested name (the Nickname) which we can change on the General tab of Account Details later if we want to (and I almost always do change it).

    Important: Do not proceed with Add Account when the downloaded Nickname does not match what you had previously named the account in Quicken. If it shows a name that is different from the Account Name already in Quicken, it is a strong indication that the new connection will be matched to the wrong account or added as a new account if it is not corrected. What you need to do is to try correcting the wrong Nickname that is displayed. Sometimes, simply clicking on that new Nickname will correct it. Other times you will need to type it in. Sometimes clicking on the dropdown under Action to make sure it is Linked to the correct existing account will fix it. If doing these things does not resolve the Nickname issue, cancel the process and start Add Account again.

    Here are some notes regarding the Add Account popup that you might find helpful on this matter. You will want to make sure that Type, Nickname and Action are all shown correctly before proceeding.:

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    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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    You it would probably be better if they change that dialogue instead of saying nickname say quicken's account name.

    This it's the only place in Quicken that they refer to it as a nickname. And the fact that it is grayed out really throws people off.

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