USAA Transactions in Quicken Classic Don't Match USAA Records

Hi. I use a Windows 10 operating system and Quicken Classic.

I have been having an issue for at least the past 6 months where the account values do not match between USAA and Quicken Classic.

I refreshed the connection between Quicken and USAA, refreshing all the individual accounts. None of the account values are even close to matching. Both income and expenses appear greatly inflated. What steps do I need to take to ensure there are no duplicate transactions within the Quicken data set? The only method I can think of to ensure that I have an accurate record of income and expenses is to export the transactions into microsoft excel and remove duplicate transactions. This process of identifying and removing duplicates would defeat the purpose of subscribing to personal finance software in the first place. Please advise specific steps on how I can use Quicken to remove duplicates or otherwise troubleshoot the gross variances between Quicken's display and my actual USAA financial accounts. If there is not a systemic resolution to the variance, would you please recommend a software that is compatible with USAA and proceed with a Quicken Classic annual subscription refund? Thanks in advance!


  • Hello @JasonWKemp,

    To answer your question, while Quicken does not have a built-in mechanic to automatically identify duplicate transactions, if the transactions are identical, you should be able to sort your register by date to make it easier to spot duplicate transactions.

    When you say you refreshed the connection between Quicken and USAA, do you mean that you deactivated and reconnected the account(s)?

    Have you checked the account register(s) to verify if there are any uncleared/manual transactions that may be throwing off the values? Have you reconciled the account(s), and if so, do you reconcile comparing to the statement balance or comparing to the online balance?

    Please let me know how it goes!

    Quicken Kristina

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