Repeated failures with Wells Fargo and Citibank updating

Starting recently, I have had to reset my WF and CB authorizations almost every time I do one-step update. What is going on?


  • To assist with this issue, please provide additional information. When you say you have to reset your authorizations, do you mean you're getting a reauthorization pop up, like the sample image below?

    If that is what you're seeing, then Quicken is still seeing accounts connected by the old method. It should tell you the names of those accounts on the reauthorization pop up. Take note of those account names. Then, backup your Quicken file and go to Tools>Account List. If you have any hidden accounts, there will be an option near the lower left to Show Hidden Accounts. Check that checkbox (if available), then look for the accounts Quicken listed on the reauthorize pop-up.

    If they are inactive/closed accounts that are still trying to connect in Quicken, then deactivate the accounts and close them if appropriate.

    If they are active accounts, then you would want to deactivate them and check to see if there are any extra/duplicate accounts (sometimes, when reauthorizing, the accounts can get added as new instead of linked to the existing accounts, which creates duplicate accounts). Delete any duplicate accounts as appropriate, then go to Tools>Add Account, follow the prompts, and carefully relink your accounts to the correct nicknames in Quicken.

    If you are not seeing a reauthorize pop-up, then please provide more information on what is happening.

    I look forward to your response!

    Quicken Kristina

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