Accounts that fail to update - for months

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Running the latest and greatest Quicken Classic Business & Personal Version R54.15 Build

My data file is only a year old since I made the commitment last year to start with a fresh data file to rule out any issues with my data file being corrupted for being over six years old.

So the accounts that fail to update and they seemed to have start failing when they were updated to this new authentication method fostered on us by Intuit.

American Express (Delta, Lowe's, Hilton)
Chase Bank (Credit cards - bank accounts are working)
Syncrony - All accounts
Citi Bank (Home Depot, Best Buy)
First National Bank of Omaha (Northern Tool)
Barclay Bank

A lot of these accounts are rarely used, so unless I see an account flagged as having downloaded transactions, I don't look at them. The worst part is there isn't even an error message from Quicken to say there is a problem, it just acts as though everything is fine.

If not for the ability to easily transfer my data file to my CPA for taxes, I would be ready to drop Quicken in a heart beat.

@Quicken Jasmine As the face of Quicken, you should tell the higher-ups that they need to get cracking on the Dev Team. Find another way to interface with the banks if Intuit can't get their act together.


  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello @Westley,

    Are you receiving any error codes or messages? Were you able to successfully migrate all of your accounts with these financial institutions? What exactly occurs?


    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • Westley
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    HI @Quicken Jasmine,

    There are no error codes or messages.

    As far as I could tell, my accounts migrated successfully and even downloaded a few times with the exception of American Express. AMEX has stopped downloading ever since the migration.

    In fact, when I do an One Step Update, AMEX doesn't even appear in the list of accounts to be updated. If I manually try to update an AMEX account it'll show that it is downloading transactions but then the One Step Update Summary page is completely blank!

    I have two Citi Bank accounts that I'm able to download because I was able to change them back to Direct Connection rather than Express Web Connect. Unfortunately, that option isn't available for my other accounts.

    I have disabled and re-enabled online services so many times, I can do it blind folded.

    And I've done the Super File Validation (Authentication Block will be fixed) a few times and I always get a clean bill of health.

    I have also gone thru the report a problem and uploaded my data file a few times.


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    There has been no progress on getting AMEX to sync. What is the ETA on getting this to work again? This thread has not been updated in months.

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    I am having the same problem. This is ridiculous

  • Westley
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    Just to add to the list of banks, I've got a friend of mine that called me for some help with his Quicken. He banks with Hancock Whitney.

    One account would download, both the other five would not. :(

    He doesn't use Quicken on a daily or even a monthly basis, so he had no transactions downloaded since July of 2023 for some of the accounts.

  • Westley
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    And to add to the troubles, just got the email that Citibank accounts have to switch to EWC+ connections on Feb 14. I guess we can look forward to not being able to download Citibank starting on the 14th. 😒

  • JJ!!
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    I'm having and have been having the same problem of sync not happening on several accounts with no error messages since at least 12/1/2023. Sometimes I will get an error message on a Wells Fargo account but not the others. When I perform a global update/sync, most, if not all, of the accounts do not update, again with no error messages. If I update/sync each account separately they tend to update other than Barclay, WF, and Citibank. I've been using Quicken since the 1990's and have never had an on-going problem like this. I am using Quicken Classic R54.16 Build

  • thederfelts

    I'm having an issue with First National Bank of Omaha account. I get a CC-800 error when I try to update. I deactivate the online setup option and then reactivate but still get the error when I try to update. Same thing when I try to reset the account. Seems like every day there is a new account that I can't update. What is going on?

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