American Express Update Missing Transactions, Requiring Frequent Reconcile Adjustments


This is a new issue that started at the end of January. I click the "Update all Accounts" button once per day (typically)… and frequently have to accept a reconcile adjustment because one or two transactions are missing. It appears these are typically recent, but older transactions… and I suspect what's happening is that they clear after the original pending day is considered "already downloaded."

For example:
2/13 - 2/15 : Downloaded multiple transactions, reconciled fine
2/16 - Downloaded multiple transactions, missing one transaction from 2/13 that has now cleared, reconcile adjustment

If this was an issue where the online balance was including pending transactions, I'd expect an earlier reconciliation would eventually be reversed, but that never happens. The missing transactions that appears on my credit card statements are never downloaded… even after clearing.

What type of debugging / info can I provide that would help troubleshoot this issue?


  • KC452
    KC452 Member ✭✭

    I'm been having the same issue ever since the new Citibank authorization method began. On the first download it picked up a few random transactions from the past which I thought I corrected, but there's a balance adjustment every day across a couple of accounts.

  • J_R
    J_R Member

    I am having the same issue with American Express since sometime in January. I use that card constantly so it is time consuming and frustrating to have to manually find missing transactions (and then manually input) throughout the month.

  • darius74
    darius74 Member ✭✭

    I have also been having this problem with American Express since the third week of January.

  • Quesmiva
    Quesmiva Member

    I am also having the same issue in that an adjustment always has to be made to American Express only. The bank statement is also buggy in that it does not download pending transactions but downloads the balance as if the pending transactions have cleared.

    Is it me or is quicken getting buggier?

  • Vetter
    Vetter Member ✭✭

    I seem to be missing several transactions on Amex from 1 store in the past month. Did the deactivate and reauthorize and it didn't help. No filters on

  • Quicken Jasmine

    Hello All,

    We do currently have an active alert regarding missing transactions when updating accounts with American Express. This could be contributing to the issues that you are experiencing. You may follow this link to access that alert where you can bookmark it for all further updates.

    I apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • cyndy
    cyndy Member ✭✭

    I spoke with someone from quicken support and they never brought this up.

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