Chase Bank Authorisation

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I have Chase credit cards for which transactions download successfully.

Connecting to Chase bank is a problem.

I deactivate & reactivate the Quicken bank account and Quicken asks me to logon and opens a Chase screen in my browser which is blank other than a blue stripe & Chase logo. Eventually it times out & I get a message in Quicken that it timed out & failed


  • Rick11
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    I am having the exact same problem.

  • Hello @SH.DC and @Rick11,

    This sort of issue is often caused by a browser setting or plugin/extension. To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

    1. Temporarily disable security extensions such as pop up blockers, ad blockers, and anti-virus extensions in your default browser.
    2. If the issue persists, try clearing cache and cookies on your default browser.
    3. If the issue still persists, try temporarily setting a different default browser.
      1. Browsers that are known to cause issues with this process are Brave, duckduckgo, and kaspersky's secure browser.
    4. If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please reach out to Quicken Support for further assistance.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Rick11
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    Hello Quicken Kristina,

    Thanks for your feedback. For me, it was the Brave browser. Even clearing the cache and cookies did not work. However, when I switched browsers it resolved my issue.

    Makes one wonder what it is Quicken is looking for that my Brave browser is blocking access too?

  • UKR
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    Makes one wonder what it is Quicken is looking for that my Brave browser is blocking access too?

    Have you talked to Brave support yet? Maybe they have an answer to that, or know how to trace this issue to a certain IP request or blocked port number …

  • SrKate
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    I have Kaspersky and agree with Quicken Kristina that it caused my problem. It will send you to a secure window, so allowing popups, etc., won't help. I even deleted from my secure sites in the SafeMoney section of Kaspersky. Kaspersky still sent to a secure page.

    So, I temporarily paused Kaspersky and did the authorization through Chase and Quicken had the account added without a problem. Then I restarted Kaspersky immediately afterwards.

    Hope that helps.