Generating an annual spending report for one of multiple accounts

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When I create an annual spending report by payee, Quicken pulls data from multiple accounts even after I have selected only the account I need. How do I ensure I am not duplicating transactions?


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    You haven't said which report you are running or how you have customized it, but what I would do is:

    • Go to Reports > Spending > Spending by Payee
    • Select the date range you want
    • Click on the gear to customize the report
    • On the Accounts tab, select the account(s) you want to include.

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    Which Spending report are you referring to?

    I pulled a Spending By Payee report, selected a Payee that I know has been used with multiple credit cards and then selected just one of the involved credit cards and it showed only transactions for that Payee that were charged to that one credit card. So, maybe we are looking at 2 different Spending reports?

    Also, go to Edit > Preferences > Early Access > if either of the boxes are checked, uncheck them > OK. This recently added Early Access preference has sometimes been causing some unexpected performance issues with reports. Unchecking those boxes will resolve those issues.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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