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Is there a way so that I won't be prompted from Amex for a 2 factor auth every time I do an update? On my phone and web apps, Amex has a setting that recognizes my devices and so it doesn't prompt for a code. It's annoying to have to wait for and input a code every time I update my accounts.


  • Hello @ToGo109,

    You might need to call/navigate to the American Express Website and enable third-party access (or something to that extent). One common cause of repeated 2FAs is that there is never an actual connection settled with the bank's servers causing every download to trigger as if it were a new account.

    You can follow this link to access a discussion thread where a SuperUser experienced the same issue and was able to resolve the issue and share the steps that they took on the American Express website.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    @ToGo109 - If you remember what your sign-on and password was before Amex made the change in how you access your Savings Account, you might be able to use "American Express Bank FSB" instead of "American Express - Banking" for your FI.

    After Amex made the change, I switched to "American Express - Banking". But the constant 2FA was problematic for me. I kept the "old" sign-on and password for "American Express Bank FSB" and gave it a try again and it worked, and it continues to work without issue and without 2FA.

    If you remember what your "old" sign-on and password was, it might work well for you as well.

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    @ToGo109 - I just noticed that your are on Q Mac. So the screenprints I provided aren't the same as yours but I am hoping still that what worked for me on Q Win will work for you as well.

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