This product does not work on Canadian Banks

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I spent alot of time, getting this product set up perfectly. About a month in stopped syncing with Canadian banks and started asking for extra authentication. I have messaged the help but no one has responded. After doing research it seems like most Canadians are experiencing this. [Removed - Rant]



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    I have messaged the help but no one has responded.

    You can't send messages to Quicken Support. You need to call them or do a text chat session.

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    It would be helpful to identify with which Canadian Financial institutions you are having problems. There are problems with BMO Bank of Montreal Mosaik Mastercard presently - which started about a month ago.

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    I've been using Quicken with CIBC for AT LEAST 10 years and it works perfectly, even occasionally asking for a 2FA code when required by my bank.

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    If by "messaged" you mean Help → Report a Problem:

    Note that for Premier and above there is a toll-free number in your account you can use.

    There is also another toll-free number mentioned (maybe the same one) in this forum from time to time…

    A search found it:

    This is my website:
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