Allowing quicken access to multiple users for only part of the data files

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I have been a quicken user for decades and have been content to continue using my old desktop 2017 version. Now I am trying to set up a small non-profits books on quicken as well. I would make the non-profit data available to other users but not my personal data. I know this would require me to migrate to the subscription version. It sounds like a backup is saved to the cloud, and that is what other users would access; but there are so many warnings about when and when not to open the data that I'm skeptical about being able to protect my personal data if something goes awry. Any advice out there would be appreciated.


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    You don't want to add the non-profit accounts to your personal data file. What you want to do is create a new data file for the non-profit transactions. That would keep the data separate from one another and those opening the non-profit data file would not be able to see your personal data.

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    @kbkester if you are planning to use Quicken web or mobile to share information with your non profits, you should be aware that all files syncing to the Quicken cloud with your Quicken ID will be viewable on Quicken web and mobile. Having separate files does not separate the data on Quicken web or mobile.

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    as mentioned -
    Any and ALL data files created under your Quicken Email ID would be avail to EVERYONE else you share that User ID info with.

    SO - I would think the starting point would be to first use another email address for the non-profit as the Quicken Email ID / password.

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    To keep things separate, you need to purchase a second Quicken license for the non-profit. That is the only way you can use the QMobile/QWeb companion products to allow this group of non-profit users to have access to the information and not expose your personal information. Keep in mind, that allowing others access via QMobile/QWeb enables them to make changes to the data in that Quicken data file.

    It sounds like a good thing to do until one of them mistakenly starts to cause changes and mess up the books that you have meticulously maintained, since there is no READ-ONLY capability to grant to other users.

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     It sounds like a backup is saved to the cloud

    Just to make sure this is clear, this isn't a backup, the data on the server is a partial copy used to provide various services like access through the Mobile/Web apps.

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    Frustrating for sure. Everything would be so easy if I could have 2 versions of quicken on my computer — but alas that is not allowed. I suppose the separate license/email is the way to go. I fussed around with some alternatives to quicken but they are incredibly cumbersome. Thanks everyone for chiming in.

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    There is another reason for buying a separate license, since the demise of the registration servers for QW2014-2017 it is not possible to start a new data file.

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